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Monday, February 25, 2013

have you ever noticed how you get LOST on instagram??  one second you're looking through your timeline, then you click on some random hashtag where a picture catches your attention, the next thing you know you're on that persons timeline, then you click on a person who is tagged in a picture and now you've been on instagram for an hour and you're like "how did i even get here?"  lol!  this happens to me all the time, i know it happens to you too, even if you don't admit it ;) but i digress... 

i've been having so much fun lately!  and it's all been caputred on my instagram :)  from experiencing dc restaurant week [thanks to rock creek social club], dc auto show, university of md eastern shore homecoming, my favorite happy hour at policy and just plain ol' hangin with my friends.   le bon temps roule! #letgoodtimesroll! 
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| instagram recap |
1.  bittersweet chocolate ganache tart at 701 restaurant
2.  blanquette of amish chicken at adour
3.  palak chaat at rasika
4.  toyota eco concept car that looks a lot like a stormtrooper ha!
5.  #selfie pic at umes homecoming party
6.  chef table at rasika
7.  exotic vacherin: caribbean sorbet topped w/ passion fruit foam at adour
8.  a lovely valentine card from my bestie
9.  slow baked salmon w/ sweet & sour beet vinaigrette at 701 restaurant
10.  loving the wine racks at adour
11.  my mommy knows that i rock! <3
12.  valentines day dinner :-*
13.  glowing nails at heist
14.  fav happy hour at policy
15.  #selfies of me & the bestie tiffany
16.  party time at heist w/ fam & friends
17.  amazing indian restaurant rasika
18.  loving my hair length :)
19.  the awesome black cod w/ dill basmati rice at rasika
20.  geeks w/ drinks!


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