jump man

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i love living back in dc, its a totally different city from the one i left 10 years ago.  living in new york city can make anyone pretty jaded about their hometown, i was no exception.  but exploring the new dc has been so much fun!  learning about all the hot spot restaurants, chill hang outs and kute little boutiques has been an adventure.  maybe that's what got me jumping?... no?  lol!  i've got bunnies baby!!  I don't know why, but i felt so inclined to jump!  jump for joy!  jump because i had "jordan's" help!  idk, but it was one fun tiring experience.

on this particular night, i planned on wearing an elaborate outfit with a skirt, pumps, the whole nine.  i scratched that real quick, i'm much more comfortable when i'm comfortable, lol!!  sneaks are my go-to for comfy.  anyone who knows me, knows that i am obsessed with sneakers, i may not have a large collection, but i'm proud of my classics.  my cement jordan retro 3's don't fall short, they are my favorites.  i decided to pair them with a simple tee and [drum roll] leather pants!!!  i can never get enough of the leather, most times i have to tell myself "put the leather down. you wore it three times this week and it's only monday. -_-"  no outfit is complete without the pièce de résistance, this time around it was my vintage MCM suzy wong bag, of course i added a little #blind@29 with the leather tassels.
|  fit  |  stripped tee [sum'n like it here], leith leather pants [sum'n like it here],  cement jordan retro 3, vintage MCM suzy wong [sum'n like it here]

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