because of them, we can...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

photographer, eunique jones gibson curated an ingenious campaign for black history month, "because of them we can...", highlighting 28 photos of influential african-americans.  each photo features a child emulating an african-american that has inspired our vast history. 

eunique so eloquently states her inspiration, "I recently realized that my lens can also be my microphone.  For Black History Month, I wanted to create a campaign that would empower and excite young people about their history and their future in a creative and yet relatable way.  I thought about my two sons and how they were both born during President Barack Obama's election and re-election. How awesome is that?! From there, I began to think about all of the individuals, past and current, who have and/or continue to blaze new trails and pave the way for the future.  Because of Them, We Can."

lucky for us, eunique is continuing her campaign beyond black history month to further motivate and inspire.  please support this effort!  posters and calendars are available for purchase, here.

ps - i waited until today to publish this post, because i wanted all 28 photos in the series.  i stalked eunique's facebook page until she posted the 28th photo [michelle & barack "yes we can"].  when it was revealed, i was so overwhelmed and proud!


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