diy: seasoned necklace

Thursday, December 27, 2012

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!  i had a very merry Christmas, and i know i am going to have an even better new year!  i can't wait!  

i have the kutest gold bauble necklace that I found on the streets of nyc for about $4 bucks.  me and this necklace have gone through some great times, seemingly so, as it was so tarnished that i barely recognized it when i pulled it from the archives.  i love this necklace so much, i couldn't just get rid of it, so i decided to bring it back to life.  since the tarnished gold looked like a derivative of black, i thought "why not spray paint it black? matte black!"  

diy time!!

what you will need:
  • seasoned necklace
  • spray paint
  • gloves
  • news paper
  • hanger

how you will diy:

  • make sure your necklace is free of debris.  you want the surface of your necklace to be free of obstruction, so that the spray paint will go on smoothly.   

  • lay the necklace flat on the newspaper, or you could suspend the necklace by tying the ends to a hanger, and hanging it on a tree branch :) [don't spray paint the tree]

  • hold the spray paint can about 6 - 8 inches from the object.  start at the top of the necklace, lightly spray in a smooth and back and forth horizontal motion, moving downward toward the bottom of the necklace.  a few light coats are better than one heavy one!
  • allow your first spray painted coat to dry for at least 5 mins.  repeat steps #3 & #4 until you have a nice even coat.
  • allow the necklace to dry for at least 24 hours.  

voila!  you have a new and improved piece to add to your collection.


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